"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, 

are the ones who do" - Steve Jobs


Here at Abwabu, we believe the world can be a better place if everyone did what they love and gave back through doing it. This is how the Heartvertising idea came to fruition. What we love most are creative solutions! We give back by assigning a portion of every quotation to a variety of charitable causes through reliable sources. 


That way we get to help the people in need and show them some love all while the brands get a PR bonus with the Heartvertising emblem as an appreciation for their help in making our world a better place. A win-win situation!

The Meaning Behind Each Heart.


The Red Heart represents the default emblem you get when dealing with Abwabu without any extra charge.



The Silver heart represents the emblem you get when the brand adds 10% to the total of their qoutation for the Heartvertising cause.



The Gold heart represents the emblem you get when the brand adds 20% to the total of their quotation for the Heartvertising cause.



The Black Diamond heart is a work in progress and will be announced by 2025